Trailer for the short film Freestate, directed by Martha Ferguson, featuring music by Richard Feren.

Excerpts from Valerie Buhagiar's 2006 short, "Tell Us the Truth Josephine". Winner of the Best Experimental Film award at the 2008 Female Eye Film Festival. Visit for credits and info. Music and sound design by Richard Feren.

Excerpt from indie film "Possible Worlds" (2000) with Tom McCamus and Tilda Swinton. Directed by Robert Lepage. Richard Feren contributed several compositions, including the music playing in the background of this bar scene.

Official trailer for "A Trip To The Island" (2014), with original music score by Richard Feren,

Short film for Bravo! Directed by Adam Macdonald. Starring David Hirsh, Jeff Roop, Adam Frost, Joris Jarsky and Shawn Campbell. Written By Adam Segal. Music by Richard Feren.

Miklat (the Hebrew word for “shelter” or “asylum”) is an anti-war film that explores the role that bomb shelters play in the security and psyche of ordinary Israelis. Directed and photographed by Rita Leistner; music & sound design by Richard Feren.

Another short clip from "Possible Worlds". Richard Feren's music plays in the background of this scene.

Official trailer for "Burning, Burning" (2015), directed by Hrant Alianak, with original score by Richard Feren.


PRODUCTION                                             DIRECTOR                                                                                                                                          YEAR
It's Hard To Be Human                         Valerie Buhagiar                                 feature film -- original score                                     2018
Burning, Burning                                   Hrant Alianak                                      feature film -- original score                                     2015
The Anniversary                                    Valerie Buhagiar                                 feature film – original score                                     2014
A Trip To The Island                              Hrant Alianak                                       feature film – original score                                    2013
Body Parts                                            Naomi Jaye                                          short film -- sound design                                        2013
Freestate                                               Martha Ferguson                                 short film – original score                                        2013
Miklat                                                     Rita Leistner                                          short film – original score/sound design               2013
Nosferatu (1922 silent film)                  F. W. Murnau                                         feature film – new original score                            2012
Small, Stupid & Insignificant                Valerie Buhagiar                                   short film – original score/sound design               2010
Tell Us the Truth, Josephine                Valerie Buhagiar                                   short film – original score/sound design              2007
Sombre Zombie                                   Adam MacDonald                                 short film – original score                                      2005
Old Men                                                 Brad Horvath                                        TV commercial: music                                            2005
I’m Afraid of You                                    Guntar Kravis                                        20 minute video: music                                         2004
Past Perfect                                            Daniel MacIvor                                     feature film – original score                                  2002
The Wet Season                                    Martha Ferguson                                  short film – additional music                                 2002
Possible Worlds                                     Robert Lepage                                      feature film – several compositions                    2000
100 Yard Therapy                                   Michael McNally                                   short film – original score                                      1998
Until I Hear from You                             Daniel MacIvor                                      short film – original score                                      1998
Permission                                              Daniel MacIvor                                     short film – score co-written with Ernie Tollar      1996
Zly Divaldo Doktora Raza                      Richard Feren/Darren O’Donnell        35 minute video – co-writer; original music         1993
Ouch!                                                      Chris Gore                                             short film – original score                                      1990